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Doula and Pregnancy Services

A woman’s pregnancy and birthing time can bring forth her true strength, power, and beauty but also expose her greatest fears, traumas, and pain. My mission is to educate, guide and encourage women no matter what stage they are in. Every woman’s journey is different and I strive to support them as they navigate through their motherly spaces wherever that journey may lead.

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Love At First Beat was created by Ashley, who believes mothers should be surrounded by love during prenatal, pregnancy, and postpartum experiences.

Birth Doula


Services available to Las Vegas, Henderson and surrounding areas

All Mothers Are Welcome

Specializing in first time Mothers, home birth/ birthing center births, Hospital births medicated/unmedicated, teen pregnancies, Mothers who have experienced miscarriages or previous traumatic pregnancies.

Our Services

We provide our clients with exceptional services to ensure that their prenatal and postpartum moments are smooth.

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  • Two prenatal visits
  • Birth plan
  • Demonstration of comfort measures & positions during labor/birth
  • Comprehensive birth packet
  • Unlimited phone, text & email support
  • 24/7 on-call availability starting at 37 weeks
  • Continuous support through labor & birth
  • Backup Support


  • Immediate postpartum and infant feeding support
  • An in-home visit with your Birth Support Professional/Doula
  • Additional daytime and overnight postpartum care available
  • Additional in-home or in-office Breastfeeding Support visits available
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About Love At First Beat

Ashley Tran, HCHD 

Ashley is a certified doula, Las Vegas native, and Army Veteran. She is a wife and mother of four who walk beside her and two who fly above.


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